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Karl Pfefferle
Frame Workshop

Gewürzmühlstraße 5
D - 80538 München
Fon: 0049  89  29 52 92
Fax: 0049  89  29 32 57

Overall Concept

Christian Burchard, Art historien
Assistant Lecturer FH Munich
Freelancer of museums and galleries

Lohäckerstraße 31
D - 86922 Eresing
Fon: 0049  8193  8136
Editorial Dept. Christian Burchard, Michael Pfefferle
Text Christian Burchard, Karl Pfefferle, Michael Pfefferle
Pressetexte bei den Autoren
Photos Christian Burchard
Michael Pfefferle
Archiv Pfefferle
Henning Strube (Botticelli Madonna)
Frame Logo Michael Pfefferle
Translation Rosemary Romanek


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